Commenting in CSS

While writing  code there may be times when we would not want a certain part of the code to execute for testing purposes. At the same time we do not want to delete that code since we might use it later.

So normally during these kind of situations we comment the code. Each language has it’s own way for commenting.

Css has a way for commenting too! All you have to do is place this \* at the beginning of the comment and /* at the end of the comment. 

Once that is done the compiler won’t  read the portion of the code you have commented or in other words it would skip it. Whenever you want you could bring that code back to life by removing the comments. 

Just in parlance in the medical field it is just as if you are giving an anaesthesia to a patient. It numbs only a small and a specific part of the body. And this only for a timely period. After a while it will be back to normal.


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