Integrating Meetup events to your WordPress site

Many of you might have heard of ( , it is a popular website for conducting or or organizing meetups. One can hold any kind of Meetup right from technology  to sports. 

Some of the organizations conducting Meetup might have their own website. And they might want to have the Meetup Information listed on their website.  If people have WordPress installed, it makes the whole process a lot more easier.

One would have to follow these steps-

  1. Install a wordpress plugins called WP Meetup
  2. Once installed, open the admin panel and goto the Meetup section.
  3. Under groups, type the name of your Meetup group.
  4. Once it recognizes your Meetup group, you are all set. Now you have to just paste a  short code on the page you want to list the Meetup information.
  5. Just place this on the page [wp-meetup-calendar] and publish it. This would automatically pull out all the events Information from your Meetup to your website.

And now you have your new events page with Meetup information. 


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