Applying a WordPress theme on a subsite

WordPress themes can be easily applied on the main site by going to the Admin panel and then going to Appearances and themes. But what if we wanted to apply a theme on the subsite?

Even though a subsite is technically a part of the main site, So WordPress recognizes it as two different entities. In order to apply a theme on the subsite we first need to have a separate installation on the subsite.

One has to follow these steps-
1. Goto the WordPress site and click on downloads.
2. Ensure that you download the ‘tar’ version.
3. Once downloaded and saved in a location on your computer, goto the subdomain folder on your hosting provider.
4. Upload the WordPress file here.
5. Uncompress it. You will now notice a folder called as wordpress .
6. Copy all the files in the WordPress folder one level up.
7. Delete the WordPress folder.
8. Goto the CPanel of your hosting provider.
9. Click on Mysql database.
10. Create a new database and a user.
11. Set a username and password.
12. Go back to the subdomain folder and look for the wp config file.
13. Replace the database username, password and name with what you have given in Step 10 and 11.
14. Rename the file as wp-config.php
15. On the address bar of your browser enter this . This would basically run an Installation script.
16. Follow the Instructions on the Wizard like setting up the language, username , password and name of the site.
17. Once you have completed the setup, your WordPress site is ready.
18. You should be getting a confirmation mail from WordPress that the site has been installed along with the user name and login URL.

Congratulations!! 🙂

20. And the final step is installing the theme, goto Appearance->Themes and Install the theme of your choice.


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