Harvest- Un Invoicing Time Sheet

Harvest is a company which has developed a time sheet application. It is a fairly intuitive application where the user or the employee of the company can log in hours for the work done each week.

Even though I have mentioned that it is intuitive but at the same time we as administrators get to hear problems or Issues which totally arises due to a mistake on part of the user.

One of the common Issues is that the TimeSheet is locked and it doesn’t allow one to add any more entries. There can be again many causes for it. One of the reasons is that the user clicks on the “Submit for Approval” button without filling out the whole sheet. And then it gets locked.

Sometimes in this case all the entries might get Invoiced, so one has to Uninvoice it in order to allow the user to add in entries. But first the administrator has to “Withdraw Approval”. Then one has to goto Reports->Detailed Time and create a filter around the projects which need to be un invoiced. Even it is for a particular person, run the filter for all the members of the project. This is very important otherwise it will not work.

And now you should the see the whole timesheet unlocked. 🙂


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