Changing resolution of the Image using Adobe Phototshop

One of the most popular products from Adobe is the Photoshop. It is widely used by many as their photo editing tool.

One of the main qualities of Adobe is that most of the basic operations can be done quite easily such as Changing the resolution of the image.

As we all know images have a standard format in which the resolution is defined : width x height. And generally the unit of measurement is pixels. For example 500x 720 would be 500 pixels width and 720 pixels height.

Let’s see how we can change the resolution of an Image. Changing the resolution is basically changing the height and width of the Image. So if the original Image had a resolution of 800 x 1200 , we could change it to 400 x 800.


1. Launch Adobe Photoshop.
2. On the panel at the top click on Image.
3. Scroll down the drop down and click on Image Size
4. Enter the new width and height of the Image
5. Uncheck Constrain Proportions.

And apply it. You would notice that your new changes have been applied.


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