Azure-Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is an important aspect in Azure. It would arise due to any of these reasons-

  1. Problems in the Server room.
  2. Human Error
  3. Power Outages.

These situations are quite prevalent in are day to day life and it is always Important to protect data. If data is not protected it would lead to data loss if something unexpected happens. Azure provides ways to backup data.

Apart from data backup it also facilitates in migration. Helping a company shift from their existing Physical Infrastructure to Cloud. Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is one such mechanism to deal with this.

There can be 3 Instances for Migration-

  1. On Premise to Azure
  2. Data Center to Data Center Replication
  3. Data Center to Azure Replication

The first option is used if you want to move onto cloud from your existing physical Infrastructure. The second option is migrating from one on premise site to another. And finally the third option also deals with migrating from on premise to cloud.

In order to maintain a continuity in your business services, it is always good to have a backup 🙂 .


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