One Note-Adding Links to pages

One Note is basically a notebook with a set of pages. Just like a normal notebook one can write pages after pages and completing a notebook. But in this case, the number of pages is unlimited 🙂 You can continue to write as much as you want provided that the space in your One Drive Cloud doesn’t get exhausted 😀

Many times while writing you might want to refer to something you might have written previously. In order to do that one would have to literally go back pages and find what you are looking for. This takes time and might be quite frustrating as well. Fortunately in One Note you won’t face that Issue.

One Note has a slick way to Insert links to any page in the Notebook. Not only can you Insert links for pages within a notebook but you can also do it for other notebooks as well. So suppose you had a notebook in economics and you wanted to refer to some Graphs and Formulae in your Maths notebook. That can be easily achieved in One Note by Inserting a link which would refer to a page in that Notebook!

In order to do it one would simply have to click on the Insert tab on the top and click on Link. A small window would pop up and it would display a list of notebooks.



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