SharePoint Document Library

Whenever people think of SharePoint, they think of One Drive or Google Drive. They assume that it just serves the purpose of storing files. But there is much more to that. It has got a good version system.

One can make Announcements using SharePoint Designer. You can also create alerts. The document library is like the main repository for storing documents relevant to your site collection. A site collection can contain  only one Document Library only.

One can also set permissions to control the files which can be accessed by the group. This is very useful since if you have a Developer group and a Marketing group in the office, you don’t want the member s of the Developer group see the files of the Marketing group or vice versa. SharePoint allows us to do that in two ways – within the document library settings and the second way is from the site settings. This makes it very useful in defining the audience to view the files in the library.


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