Connecting to a server through the VPN

Many times due to various reasons we might need to access a system that’s not within our location. And the main purpose is to conduct some daily checks. Normally the laptop would be left unattended in a corner. The laptop might be running a local server which we need to access. So if this is the case, how does one go about accessing the laptop?

Some of you might say that we could use TeamViewer. That would be a very good choice provided there is a person on the other end in front of the laptop. The reason being that due to security reasons every time you try to connect a computer via Team viewer the password changes. So you need someone at the other end to prompt the password for you.

In this case probably Team Viewer is not the best option. What are the other options which we have? The next way would be to use a VPN also known as Virtual Private Network to access the computer. Cisco provides a free client to access it. So normally one has to put an address in order to connect. Normally it is a local site URL.

Once that is connected one need to use  an additional connector in order to connect to a specific server within the organization.

And once you get hold of it, it is just like you are having the computer in front of you. You could play around with the keyboard shortcuts which would not be possible had you used Team Viewer.

Overall it is a safe and an easy way to connect provided you have the credentials  and the  permission to do so


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