Skype for Business- The plusses

Skype for business is an application designed for organizations and corporate offices. It has got a lot more features than the free version of Skype which is very popular. Skype has transformed the way people communicate or collaborate with each other. Distances don’t seem to matter anymore.

Skype for businesses has also made an impact on cooperations. And by “Impact”, I mean a positive one. It has got Integrations with Microsoft Outlook. So, suppose you have some meetings scheduled through Outlook for the day it all appears in Skype for Business. Even if you are in a call with someone, you don’t forget about the meetings since they are right in front of you πŸ˜€ !

And apart from this it has some minor tweaks which you would be happy about. Whenever your meeting  begins on Outlook, the status on your Skype application automatically changes to ” In a meeting”. This is very handy since sometimes we might forget to change our status and by the end of it you would have got a list of missed calls πŸ˜€ !

Overall it is a great application to use for collaboration in businesses.


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