Trello-Setting Prioirties

We all know about creating cards in Trello and moving them into different lists. But what if suddenly you have got a list of cards and you don’t know which one to begin with? Setting Priorities is the key to solve this problem. In Trello, one can assign different colors to a card. The colors could have any label. You could label it as Priorities or categories or any thing that suits your project or needs.

In order to assign a color to the card, hover over the card and press . A small window would pop up showing the different colors available. Once could customize the color label with a suitable name. Then click on the color of Interest and your color will be assigned. Similarly, you can assign colors to the other cards as well. After you have finished assigning, you could filter the cards based on the color!

In order to filter, one simply has to hover over any card and press F . Then the “Filter Cards” panel will pop up. Click on the color/criteria you want the cards to get filtered. And that’s it your cards are filtered. In order to check whether the filter is actually applied, you should see “Filtering is on” on the top right hand corner of your screen.



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