SharePoint-Editing a List

Lists are a common data structure used in SharePoint. It can be used to create different kinds of list, like a Task List. One of the good features of the SharePoint List is that it allows Inline Editing. That can be used to make quick changes to a list. Which is great. But at the same time there are some features which are not quite Impressive.

The Inline Editor has the ability to add new columns by clicking on the ‘+’ sign on the top right hand corner of the list. People may think that it is a cool feature, that one could add columns from the Inline editing panel itself. But one should be careful since when you create a new column using the ‘+’ sign, the next thing you have to do is name the column. Once you name it, to your utter surprise, you would observe that Instead of having your  preferred name for the new column, SharePoint has give it’s a random four letter name for the column. This might not please many.


There is a workaround to this though. Once you click on the Plus Sign, scroll down to more column types. Once you do that, you would be able to customize the name for your new column. SharePoint will not interfere.



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