Sublime Text

In this present day and age one would find many standalone editors for web development. Each one is good in it’s own way. Some are new and some of them have been existing since ages. Notepad is one of the editors. It is the most basic editor available. Unfortunately in this age, that kind of editor would not suffice.

In the past couple of years, there has been a surge of editors coming into the market. And one of the noticeable or promising ones is Sublime Text. This editor is supposed to be really fast and one can get quite nerdy or sophisticated by using a lot of built in shortcuts. One could customize there own ones too. And because of which code development tends to be a lot faster.


It has got an Inbuilt folder view. The folder panel lies on the left hand side. It becomes quite convenient to access different files across folders. Apart from that it has got a command line. For Windows one could open the command terminal by doing Ctrl+Shift+P. From here you could easily Install Packages. One could install packages from Github by simply specifying the url. Now how cool is that! Another thing though is that it can easily handle large files. Which is great in case you are regularly handling large files for a project. Sometimes you might have noticed that some editors crash once you try to open them. But this would be in a different league all together in terms of that aspect.

Folks Interested could download the trial version of the editor from here

Hope you all like it :).


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