JS Bin

JS Bin is a popular online editor for web development. It supports the major web development languages and libraries like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap. It can be linked to Gist. Gist is a part of the Github family. It allows one to save and share snippets of code online. It is a good means for collaboration.

One could easily create an account if they have a Github Account. You could register via Github and your JS Bin profile would be automatically linked to your Gist/Github account. It has got an Add Library dropdown in the Menu bar. One can select the popular libraries like JQuery and Bootstrap. The libraries use the CDN, to get the data. It is a pretty neat and easy editor to use.


Apart from that, JS Bin has got a few Interesting shortcuts. In HTML if you want to create a div class , just follow these steps-

  1. Type the name of the class in the editor. For example suppose create is a name of the class. Type .create
  2. Then hit the Tab key in your keyboard.

Automatically, it would create the div element for you. In this case it would be-

As simple as that, saves a lot of time if one needs to create a lot of div elements 🙂 . So, go ahead and try this tool http://jsbin.com/ . I am pretty sure that you will not be disappointed.


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