CSS PreProcessors

Many of you might have used or at least heard of CSS. But have you wondered what a CSS PreProcessor is? As the name suggests it has go to do with something before CSS. It  is actually a version or a form before the actual CSS File gets generated. There are two main languages for CSS PreProcessors called-

  1. Sass (Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets)
  2. less

Now why would one use these Pre-Processing Languages when CSS is around?

Good Question, the places where CSS and the CSS Pre-Processors like Sass are used are entirely different. CSS is mainly used for styling web pages and web content. Whereas CSS Pre-Processing Languages like Sass are not recognized by the Web Browser at all! They are mainly used in SharePoint Servers for styling content, since the regular CSS doesn’t work on SharePoint.

There are many tools available to compile Sass.

  1. Prepros (Desktop Tool)
  2. SassMeister (Online Tool)

These tools allow you to compile the Sass code and convert them to CSS. This CSS code is then used in SharePoint for styling purposes.


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