WordPress Support

Folks new to WordPress would find it overwhelming at the beginning. There are so many controls and features present that it would take some time to get a hang of it. Fortunately WordPress has a very good support system. It has got a forum which contains many questions which newbies would relate to.

Coming to the forum, there would be a dilemma, since WordPress has two official forums-

  1.  WordPress.org
  2. WordPress.com

Well, even though the two forums are from WordPress, their domains are entirely different. WordPress.org is for self hosted sites. It is for websites where WordPress is Installed in an external server. Most of the questions in this forum pertain to Configuring and Installing WordPress in your external server.

The next one is WordPress.com . It is for people who have used WordPress as their hosting provider. One of the popular questions come from bloggers. They are generally the active members in the forum.

Hopefully, you have now got an Idea what these two forums are all about 🙂 .


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