CSS-Adjacent Sibling Selector

We all know what are siblings Right? Persons who share the same parent. A similar concept is used in CSS. It is called the Adjacent Sibling Selector defined with ‘+’ sign. Since CSS style sheets sometimes contain hierarchical  selectors, it would be very useful to use them. We could selectively apply a style to a particular tag from a hierarchy.

Let’s see how.


So, Suppose we have some HTML like this


And then we apply CSS on that



Now from the CSS, you would know that definitely something would get a color of red. But which one of the 4 fruits, is going to get the color is a mystery 🙂 .

One thing to note is that a Browser reads a CSS file from Right to left. So, taking that analogy, if we go onto the first line, we see that there are two tags separated by a ‘+’ symbol. The browser would first read the tag ‘p’ and then it would search for it’s adjacent sibling which has a tag ‘h1’.

If we carefully look at the list, we would observe that the tag ‘p’ denoting Orange has the adjacent sibling ‘h1’ which is Apple. And hence the ‘p’ tag “Orange” would be colored red.

Hope this was something useful you learnt today 🙂


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