Google Chrome importing bookmarks from another computer

There might be times when we switch over to a new computer/laptop. And the first thing we would like to have is something which would relate to our old laptop. One of the things which one would like to have could be Bookmarks. Everything which you like is bookmarked. That is something personal which we would like to take along as you embark on a new journey. And luckily it is not too difficult a wish to fulfill.

One could easily import all his/her Chrome bookmarks from one laptop to the another. Just follow these simple steps.

Steps for Importing bookmarks

  1. In your new laptop. Open Google Chrome and Click on the Menu Bar located on the top right hand corner.Downloads
  2.  Goto Settings.


3. Click on Sign in to Chrome


4. Add your login credentials for your Gmail Account.

5. Once done, the Advanced Sync Settings option dialog box would appear.

2016-05-19 (1).png

6. Ensure that you have checked the Bookmarks option.

7. Click on OK.


And that’s it! All your bookmarks would be Imported from your previous computer. So you would not loose the Important Links which you might have saved. And this would also give you a continuity  in terms of the browsing experience when you are making a transitional change in your hardware 🙂



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