Display Settings Dual Monitors

Many of you would have faced Issues regarding having the proper display settings when you connecting monitors. The resolution might not be right or the wires may not be connected properly. There could be many reasons for it to not work properly.  I am listing out some steps which you could follow, hopefully making the situation better 🙂 –


  1. Ensure that your monitor and the laptop are powered OFF.
  2.  Connect the HDMI Cable from the monitor to the laptop.
  3. Plug your monitor to the power outlet.
  4. Turn ON your Monitor First And Then
  5. Turn ON your Laptop.

Once you have come to this step, hopefully the laptop would detect the Monitor Display. And when it does follow these steps-

  1. Goto the DesktopScreenshot (14).png
  2. Right Click Anywhere and click on Display Settings.Screenshot (16).png
  3. Click on Identify. Ensure that 1 is displayed on your main monitor and “2” on the external monitor.
  4. On Multiple Displays Dropdown, Select Extend
  5. And Click on “1” Box on the top and Mark the check box at the bottom which says “Make my main display”.
  6. Click on Apply

And you are done! Congratulations your monitor is setup. Now you could play around with the numbered boxes on the top. You could move the Box “2” depending whether your monitor is to the left or to the right of the laptop.

In case you have to disconnect your monitor simply unplug the HDMI cable from your laptop. Unlike Flash Drives there is no such thing in Windows which says “Safely Remove Device”. I tried searching for one but was out of luck 😀 !  Make Sure that even if you are not using the monitor let it be plugged in (power supply). And once you want to use your monitor simply plug it back in. And your settings would be restored. So the key here is to leave your monitor powered on, so that you could use it whenever you want to.





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