iOS Notes App

The notes app in iOS has been there quite a while. It is the default app for writing notes. I bet many of you have used it. Now what do you think about the App? It is just about typing some characters in a file and then saving it Right?? But I am afraid that you are wrong. The latest update for the Notes App has added some new Interesting features. Let’s take a look and see what the features are.


The first thing you would observe is the Interface. It has got some new Icons.  The first one from the left is for deleting the note. That was there earlier. The next one is for creating a checklist. You could make a TODO List for a Grocery Store.The next thing which you could do is take pictures and save them to your notes. Now how cool is that? Or you choose any of the Pictures from your Photo Library. Then you could also make sketches. It brings out the artistic character in you even if you don’t have the inborn talent 😀  .  Let me tell you It’s quite fun to play around with it.

So, go and update your Notes App and check out the new features. I am pretty sure that you would like it :).



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