Google Maps-Getting Surounding Information

Most of us might have used or are using Google Maps. It is a good way to navigate. And it has got an integration to the local transit Information which is great! But there is something else which you would like to know. Google made a minor enhancement to the Maps Application a couple of weeks ago.  I don’t know whether many of you guys would have noticed it.

Well, once the Maps is set to the Navigation mode, one would get Information regarding the ETA and other related Information. And Google uses the blue dot to represent our current location. Right?? Something like this


Most of us would be familiar with that. Now have you tried clicking on the blue dot while you are on the move? I guess if you are driving alone you obviously wouldn’t get that opportunity eb503bc498c206a9973004475e10157b !  But if someone else is in the car or you set the navigation while you are on transit you might. Once you click on the moving blue dot, it displays locations or places of Interest to you. And this dynamically changes as you move along to your destination. I am pretty sure that you would have used the Explore feature in Google Maps when you are stationery. This is something similar but it is dynamic in a sense.

It could give have a list which you contain a Shopping Mall, Grocery Store, Post Office and many other places of Interest or relevance.

Well next time you are on the move don’t forget to try this out. And let me know what do you think of it. 😀


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