Advantages of having an additional monitor


Nowadays you might have observed that people have dual monitors in their workspace and you might have wondered why? It’s become pretty common now with many companies adopting it. Some of them have it in their  homes too! Well, you might be thinking that why would someone work with 2 monitors when having one monitor itself would serve the purpose. Here are the reasons/advantages-

The Advantages

  • One of the main reasons for having Dual Monitors or Multiple Screens is that it is said to improve productivity. The Increase can be any where between 20 to 35 percent if not more!  The productivity Increase would often lead to Increase in the number of deliverable and eventually the overall business of the company.
  • The next advantage is that it is conducive for multitasking. Even people who are not accustomed to multitask, multitask like a pro when they have dual screens. I know guys who were successful doing this and one of them is the writer of this blog 😀
  • For a manager, Increasing the productivity would not burn a hole in one’s pocket. Reports show that the prices of monitors have fallen dramatically in the last 5 years. You could now get a 21 inch monitor for less than a 100 Dollars.
  • There is a perceivable increase in productivity when one does a Video Conference through Skype or any other popular Video Conferencing Application. The video could be displayed on one monitor and you could be working on the other monitor.
  • Similarly if one goes through an online live training course. He/She could watch the video in one monitor and simultaneously work on the Instructions. Rather than having two switch between one window to the other.
  • Another Reason would be that it would make you look sophisticated, giving a new look to your workspace.
  • It bests works with a laptop, which you could plugin to your stationery monitor and work with it. Once you are done with work unplug it and leave. As simple as that.

The Cons

  •  Having an additional monitor may lead to congestion of your workspace in case it is small.
  • Element of distraction can occur if one is not focused on his work.



Hope this gives you enough reasons to switch to a dual monitor or even three 😀 !  You could weigh the pros and cons. All the more, it is your choice and you are the best one to decide whether you would need it or not.



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