Adding Background Music to WordPress

Background Music is one of the elements which help in attracting viewers to your website. It sometimes reflects the goal and motivation of the company. Some prefer to put a light background score whereas some others might want to do a heavy one.

There are different ways one could add music to their WordPress website. One way would be embedding your code directly to the site. The other way would be using the available plugins in WordPress.

Using the audio tag

  1. For the first method, upload the music file onto the Media Folder in the WordPress admin Panel.
  2. In the Media Folder, find the file which you have uploaded and click Edit. Then on the right end of the screen there would be a File URL, copy that and save that in some place, notepad maybe.
  3. Then go to the Page where you would like to have the background music. Navigate using the Page Menu.
  4. Once you have reached the desired page, add this code to the document. Paste the source of the file which you obtained in Step 2.
    <audio autoplay loop>
          <source src=" ">


Using WordPress Plugins

The next way would be to Install a Plugin. Now there are many plugins available which could add background music. One of the more popular and reliable ones is known as Soundy Backround Music.  In order to install and use it, follow these steps

  1. In the admin panel of WordPress, look for Plugins in the Left Navigation Panel.Screenshot 2016-04-29 17.58.30
  2. Click on it and Search for “Soundy Backround Music” .
  3. Once the required plugin appears, click on Activate.
  4.  Once it is activated, go to the desired page where you would like to add the music. Then scroll down until you see something like this.Screenshot 2016-04-29 18.08.12
  5.  Under the General tab Set the Enable Background Sound  to Yes .
  6.  Under the Soundtrack tab, browse and find the Media File you would like to play. Set the Volume to the desired level. Note: This is a key field, you don’t want your clients jumping on their seats when they hear sound blasting from your website do you? 😀
  7. In the AutoPlay tab, Choose whether you would like to have autoplay or not.

Each one would have it’s pros and cons. You are free to choose any method which suits your liking.


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