Google AMP

Have you ever wanted to have your website load more faster in smartphones without making too much changes to it? Then Google AMP would be a way for you. Google AMP which is an abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project developed by google with the Intention to have websites load content more quickly. It is mainly designed for Publishers so that they could publish content without worrying too much about the Implementation. Any Publisher using Google AMP, would not find a decrease in their ads/market. In fact it will only Increase, since it is claimed that it improves the Search Engine Results.  Another fact is websites which take more time to load content maybe 10 seconds or more have a high bounce rate of 58%! Which means that 58% of the website viewers are more likely to leave the website once they had just begun to land on it. Google AMP which helps to load content faster would be a solution to the Issue of slow loading websites on phones.

In case your website is compliant with AMP it would feature in the carousel of Google Search. For Example If I search “nyc news” in Google Chrome, I would get the following page.



As you would have noticed it has presented articles from different news websites in a carousel. And Google will not randomly list your website in this. It would only list ones which have become compliant with the AMP Framework. In the Image above you can observe that below the article it is listed as AMP with a lightning bolt demonstrating that the website is compliant with AMP.

And once you click on any news article on the Carousel, it would load that particular content and you could easily navigate from one website to another. Here I have clicked on the first article from the Yahoo website. This is how it appears.


This is one AMP page and you could easily navigate to the other AMP web pages using the navigational arrows on the top. Now let me tell you all this content loads very fast due to AMP.

How does Google AMP make content load quickly?

AMP has specific HTML files called AMP HTML where it is basically the regular HTML code but with a limited number of tags. These files are cached in the cloud which would reduce the time it would take the content to get delivered in your mobile browser. The next thing is that JavaScript code is not allowed and in a sense the content is JavaScript free. All these regulations put together make the webpage load more faster.


Readers interested in learning more about the project can jump on this link. It is the official website for Google AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Pages


Hopefully more websites join the AMP Project to give us an enhanced mobile browsing experience 🙂



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