Opera VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Networks have been used by people for many reasons. Some of them would use it to have a sense of anonymity when browsing on a public network. Some others would use it to access restricted sites. In order to avail this facility, one would have to buy a paid subscription. But this would be a thing of the past since Opera has recently announced a Developer version which has an Integrated VPN and it is absolutely free!


Now one does not need to download VPN Extensions or have paid subscriptions. Opera which primarily focused on mobiles have slowly started try to set it’s base in the desktop/laptop market. According to recent statistics it is claimed that the percentage of Web Desktop Users using the Opera Web Browser is only about 2%, which is not very promising. Probably this move would help increase it’s Popularity among the Web Desktop users.

The Picture Below taken from the Official Website of Opera shows the Integrated VPN which could be managed in the Settings section of the Web Browser.settings

Here is a video which demonstrates the integrated VPN of Opera. For readers unable to view this video, I would suggest them to directly read this article on the website https://www.rickyraghavan.wordpress.com . Since videos generally don’t appear on the emails.

Keep in mind that this is currently under development. So what Opera has given us now is a Developer version which would allow us to experience the upcoming features of Opera before the full version is released to the public.

One could download the Developer Version of Opera from here




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    1. Thanks. I am glad that you found this useful. Please do give it a shot and see whether it works according to your requirements!


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