Inbox by Gmail

Have you ever wondered how futuristic email Apps would look like? Then one should go and have a look at this app which is a next generation email app. Inbox by Gmail is an application developed by Google which is basically like an outer layer to your Gmail Account.

It has a whole new design which is sleek, simple and fast. One of the main features is that it gives you the highlights of the mail without even physically opening the message. The attachments can be viewed and downloaded without opening the email. Everything is listed upfront on one screen which makes going through attachments a whole lot simpler! Otherwise it is a pain sometimes to open the email and search for an attachment. This saves a lot of time, hope many would agree on that! 🙂

Unnamed image

The picture above shows a screenshot of a section of an email without opening it. You can see something known as “Submittal Form”. That is an attachment and that gets listed on the front. This can be viewed and downloaded without opening the email.

Bundles is another feature of this application. It groups similar emails together so that it can be dealt all at once. It is quite similar to the already existing ones called Updates and Social in Gmail in the sense that it groups similar emails together. But the difference lies in the presentation. All the emails which are grouped together in a bundle, can be glanced through be simply navigating through the arrow buttons. Emails are symbolized with a picture and few headlines, so that one could get a gist of what the email is all about.


This is a picture taken from the Inbox by Gmail which shows the details regarding a package that has been shipped. One need not open the email to find out the status of the package.


One could set Reminders which is positioned at the top of your Inbox to ensure that you are always seeing it! 😀 . After you have completed the task one could just click on the “Done” button and this card would get automatically transferred to the “Done” List.



For a person who is a travelholic, he/she might find it very useful. So, if one has booked multiple flights or trips for a month. All the Information gets displayed like this picture above. So one need not got through your tickets/ reservation to find out the time or the details of travel.


All the Purchases can be viewed in one Place under the “Purchases” Bundle. It gives you the tracking Information for each package without opening the email.

Another thing to note is apart from emails one could also save links too! So, if you like to view that website later, instead of bookmarking it on your browser, one could save it in Inbox and it gets grouped in the “Saved Bundle”.

Having said this, it is not that Gmail and “Inbox by Gmail” are two separate entities. You could go from Gmail to Inbox by Gmail or vice-versa just with a press of a button.

Inbox4-Take me

This is a screenshot which shows how this button appears on your Gmail Account once you have set up Inbox by Gmail. With  a click of that button you get transferred to the Inbox App.

So, the bottomline is the content is the same on both Gmail and “Inbox by Gmail”. The key difference lies in the presentation. It’s upto a person’s tastes to choose which one he/she likes.

But please give it a try. It is available on Android and Ios Devices and it can be setup in the Desktop as well.

Android Users could download it from here

IOS Users from here

And Desktop Users..




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