The Hidden Secret of Google Chrome

We all know that Chrome is a fast, simple and secure browser to use. It was Introduced in September 2008 and from then on has become one of the most popular browsers. According to recent findings it is claimed that 60.1% of the users worldwide use Chrome as their default web browser. It can be used on your Phone, Desktop and your tablet. And one could sync Information between these devices using your Gmail Account.

Recently Chrome Announced it’s 50th Version Update to it’s users. With the last previous updates, Chrome now no longer supports Windows XP, WIndows Vista, OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8. Google Chrome claims that due to it’s autocomplete feature over 500 Billion Characters are not typed each month!

Well all of you would be waiting to know what the secret is? Right?? Now tell me what do you observe if a Page fails to load due to No Wifi or Internet Connection? You might see a page something like this.



This might be quite a frustrating page to look at Right?? Specially if you were working on something really Important. And then you possibly can’t do anything else and one would be bored to death waiting for the Internet Connection to come.  Now carefully look at the Picture above. You would see an Image of a Dinosaur Right?? Now here is the catch, What happens if you press the Space Bar? The dinosaur begins to run and you begin to realize that you are playing a game!!

It basically falls in the category of Runner Games. In this game the Dinosaur runs and jumps over Obstacles. The Game ends when one it collides with an Obstacle.


This is a screenshot of a Game in Progress, with the dinosaur jumping over the Cacti. It is really a simple game to play, where you have to use only one key that is the “Spacebar” to jump over an Obstacle.  Now who would have thought that there would be a game hidden in a browser?

To try this game out , either wait for your Internet Connection to get disconnected or manually disconnect it 😀 . Then load any website you want and you would get a page saying that “Unable to connect to the Internet” with a picture of a Dinosaur. Now Press the SpaceBar and you would see that the Game Begins. And then just use the space bar to jump over Obstacles. The longer you play, the higher would be the score. It is basically a survival game.

Now one would think that why did they choose to put a dinosaur out of  the countless animals in this world. Well, Dinosaurs are Symbolic to the Pre-Historic age. And in this day and age if one does not have Internet Access it is termed as they are travelling back in time.

For the ones wondering what the dinosaur is, it is T-Rex which is an abbreviation for Tyrannosaurus Rex. This game came into existence with the Chrome 38 update way back in September 2014. And I bet many of you would still didn’t know the existence of the game which shows a well kept secret 🙂


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