Everybody has a TODO List. The tasks which we would like to complete in a day. Basically to keep yourself organized and to ensure that you are not missing any task which you have to complete. So How does one go about managing tasks? You might create your list in a Memo Book or in a Diary or use Sticky Notes and paste them in a place where you are more likely to visit at least once in a day! I know most people would put the Sticky Notes on the Fridge! That is one place one would definitely come visiting! XD

Well Jokes Apart, all these are good ways to manage your tasks. But, now there are “better” or more sophisticated ways for task management. In comes Trello, Trello is a popular productivity tool. It can not only be used to personally keep track of your tasks, but it can also be used in a workplace such as managing a project. One could put a list of tasks or objectives for a group and it could be shared between 2-3 people. It is a collaborative tool where one can add comments against each task assigned.

The good thing about Trello is it has got a simple but elegant Interface. It is organized into different Boards. Boards are basically the Projects or the Main Tasks one would like to create. Ana a Board can contain different lists. And a list in turn would contain a set of cards.


Now let’s take an example. The pic above is taken from the Official website of Trello. This is an example of Project Management. On the header is the Project Overview, this is the name of the Board. And this board contains two lists as shown. You have Priorities and Forecasted Projects. Each of these Lists contain a set of cards stacked on on top of the other. Priorities contain the list of priorities like Increasing the yearly conversion rate, analytics data etc. The Second List Contains User Research, Equipment Update etc. So, each of the cards on this list can be assigned to different people in the Project by the Project Manager.

Coming back to the TODO List Example. For a TODO List, you could simply create two Lists called- TODO and Done. And once you complete a task you could easily move it to the Done List. This is a very good feature in Trello. One can not only move cards between lists in a Board/ Project but also between different boards as well. And the good thing about it is, you could switch over from one Board onto the other seamlessly.


This is another Image taken from the Trello website demonstrating another Workflow.

Another Feature of Trello is one does not need to log onto the Application every time to see if there is any change in the Activity. You could get email notifications whenever someone assigns you a task or makes any changes to the Project. The next thing is one can easily trace Attachments or documents related to a Project or activity. It can be uploaded once on Trello and that’s it. This saves a lot of time as opposed to communication over emails. On emails, one would have to search through the emails to find the attachments which is such a pain.

Any Attachments to Trello could be taken from multiple sources like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive as well. Recently Trello has added 16 new languages to the already existing 4 languages which it supports. It supports  Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese. It already supported the following languages earlier-Portuguese, French, Spanish and German. Trello has launched  third part Integrations  with tools/ Applications such as Slack, Github and SalesForce.


Trello is supported for both Android and ios. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store

And for the IPhone users


It is absolutely free. Please go and try it!


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