Microsoft One Note

Note Taking is one of the basic skills which we learn when we are in School. It is basically a way of assimilating the Information so that it can be used for future reference. We would have used notebooks and written things down. Early Computers had Note Taking ability. For Windows it is Notepad which still exists even now as a basic Text editor. And with the Mac it is TextEdit.

These editors were very purposeful back then when there was less multimedia and the Internet was not too popular. And the basic need was to just write simple notes. But times have changed and the Information we have right now is not only text but we have Audio and Video as well. People have been using Internet as their main source of Information. Earlier it used to be Britannica. I remember quite fondly when I was a child and during the “pre-Google days” when there was no means of getting Information quickly, the only way of getting to know things was using the Brittanica Encylopedia.  It still exists even now. Those Interested can jump on this link

Now in case we have to search for a particular topic in Google, we would get a magnanimous amount of Information, since Google is known to Index a large number of web pages.  So, now a person faces a problem of plenty situation. Since one would need to basically summarize or gather Important points from many different websites or web sources. Now one could copy and paste content from different sources and put it in Word or in Notepad. But, in this day and age we not only have content in the form of text, there are also videos like online tutorials which one would like to keep a track of. Word or Notepad will not be able to help you in this case, at best you could add a link to the Video.

Now Here Comes One Note. It is a sophisticated way of Note Taking which would put Notepad or any other text editor to shame. In One Note you could easily embed Videos of your choice and guess what??  view them while taking notes!! It is a new feature Introduced in the One Note 2016 edition. Apart from this you can write notes wherever you want in a page unlike in Word. It is like a sheet which could extend infinitely in height or width and one could scribble whatever he/she wants. You could draw figures, make notes and do many other things.

Here is a screenshot taken from one of the blogs for Microsoft Office which shows how a Youtube video is embedded in One Note

One Note.png

One Note is organized into a Notebook with different Sections. And Each Section has a time stamp. So if you are starting a new day for taking notes, you could open a new Section and it would automatically add the Date and Time of when you have started taking notes. It is Incredibly cool. There are many other features, but if I continue I could spend the whole day writing about it! The best advice I would give is to download the Application ASAP and explore it’s features. You would Love It! It comes pre-installed with Office. Even Mac Users can download this Application from the App Store. It Supports Android, IPhones and IPad’s too!I Phone users could download it from here


It’s the next generation for Note Taking!





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