Trusted Sites

Have you ever observed that a file which you download from the Internet when opened goes into Protected Mode. This happens especially with Word and Excel files. You must have seen something like this appear on the top of your screen once you open the file.

Screenshot 2016-04-15 22.18.29

This is a safety feature from the browser which by default sets a high level of security to all the websites. It disables pop ups and any JavaScript code which is running in the background. And it specifically sets a caution once you download files from the Internet since it can be prone to viruses.

Even though this feature is really good from a security point of view but sometimes it could be Irritating if one has to constantly click on Enable Editing once the files are downloaded from the sites you trust. In case you are downloading files from a source you trust there should be no reason to worry about the content of the file.

So, In order to achieve this, Internet Explorer has a property called Trusted Sites. It basically allows you to add the sites which you trust. And it would automatically set a lower level of security to those websites. This means you would be able to use all the features of the website and freely download files.

Trusted Sites can be added easily to your browser. I have listed some sites which would guide you on how to add one.

For Internet Explorer

For Google Chrome


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