DriveMode Android App

You might be driving using the navigation app on your phone and suddenly you get a text or a phone call. In most cases,  this would Interfere with the navigation and you won’t able to answer the phone or reply to the text. Now Here comes DriveMode, it handles the situation very well. It has got a transparent user Interface which would able you to answer the phone without blocking the navigation. All actions on the phone can be formed by a simple broad swipe. It is basically designed as a “no look” Interface where you don’t t have to basically look at the screen to do something. Most of the things can be done by voice control.

You can set the phone to read your Incoming messages aloud and reply to them as well. It supports all the major messaging Apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It is not far behind in music, It supports Pandora, Spotify and Google Play. Overall the App is pretty intuitive with great User Experience.


Right now it is only available for the Android Platforms. It can be download from the Google Play Store.

Here is a Video demonstrating the App.



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