Moving Apps

Ever tried shifting or moving over to a new house/apartment? It obviously might not be a pleasant experience and for some of us it might have given us nightmares!

Shifting to a new place is not easy, it needs lot of planning regarding logistics, the size of the house and a lot of other factors. And there might also be worries whether all your stuff would fit in the New house. Tracking your stuff would be another Issue. To know whether your luggage would reach on time or not. And most importantly how much you have to pay? Many of us might have played the guessing game to finally be greeted with a huge fat bill!
Well fortunately for us now, thanks to the advancements in technology those worries and problems would  be a thing of the past. Many Apps have come out which deal with this Use case.

These apps takes care of the whole process of transportation right from the beginning to the end . It tracks the delivery and it clearly specifies how much you would have to pay for the services. You can decide the time you want the luggage to be taken from your home. It makes the whole process more organised. Some of them the apps which are currently in the market are Moving Organizer Lite, My Move,  MoveAdvisor.

Hopefully this would motivate people to make similar and better apps which would change the way people move and shift.


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