Auto Reload

Have you observed that in some of the websites the content get’s updated without having to reload the page? Well, that’s because of some of the server side technologies which come into play. Previously, in order to get new content one had to reload a page by refreshing the web browser. Now you will find many sites where you don’t have to do that. To Name a few Linkedin and Twitter have followed this approach. If you are on the same page for a couple of minutes you will get a notification from the website saying that there is a new update.  And once you click on that, instead of reloading the whole page, it all refreshes one particular section of the page.

The picture below is taken from Twitter where you would observe that there is a notification 1 new Tweet. This automatically appears without reloading.


This is supposed to be a major improvement or advancement in Server side technologies compare to how they used to function a decade ago. Ajax, Meteor JS are some of the server side technologies which have made some contribution to this advancement.

This is a screenshot from StackOverflow which shows any changes made to the page. This all appears without the page being reloaded.

Stackoverflow-Auto Reload

And in Facebook too! There is this similar feature which shows New Stories whenever new feed comes back.


The pros of adopting  this approach would  the following-

  • Faster Response Time.
  • Increased Performance and Speed.
  • Reduces the time travel between the client and server.





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