Apple Pay

Among the many technologies which released last year, Apple Pay was one of them. It has revolutionized the way people make  payments. That is cashless and card less payments.

One does not need a physical card to make a transaction and everything can be done on the phone or the Apple Watch. It is a major change and people are still trying to come in terms with it.

Payments are done in a secure manner with a 2 way gateway. It appears to be fast , simple and easy. But behind the scenes there are a lot of security and authentication measures which are taken in order to make it a reliable form of payment. Apple need to be commended for making this major  breakthrough. Now seeing Apple, other companies are following suite. Android has started the Android Pay service. But obviously not as popular as the Apple Pay.


In Many Retail Shops, if a transaction crosses 50 dollars or a certain amount, cashiers ask for the last 4 numbers of the card. But, in case of Apple Pay that is not applicable. Since transactions are done using a device Account Number.


Now How to find your Device Account Number?

  1. Goto Settings
  2. Then goto Wallet.
  3. Choose the card which you are planning to make a payment with.
  4. Look for the Device Account Number below. It would contain 4 digits.



Hopefully this form of payment becomes popular among the masses!



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