Well, this is something which you see and use everyday. And it is almost part of your life now. And you can’t live without it. The reason being is because it is the heart of the Internet. And most of the things function based on HTTP.

All the websites in the world start with http. In fact now it is “https”,’ s’ meaning added  security and safety. HTTP is a protocol for communication within the Internet. Think of it as a car which has some stuff loaded and moves from one place to another and returns back.

HTTP works in a similar way. It uses the Client Server Architecture Model as a means of communicating Information. The Client, that is the browser used by the end user. It may be Chrome, Firefox or any other web browser for that matter.

As soon as you enter the url of the website on the address bar..Wait a minute!! Who does that at this day and age, remembering the url of a website? That is pre-historic, old fashioned! All of us use one of the search engines to land into a website. Right??

Ok let’s tell this in a “modern way”. Once you search for something  that you are looking for and it appears in the search results. What is the first thing which you would do?? Obviously click on the search result which appeals to you. So, basically you are clicking on a url and the Client that is the browser sends a HTTP Request to the Server, which is essentially a computer hosting the website.  The purpose of the Request is to ask something from the Server which we don’t have. What we need is a web page, which is basically a collection of HTML and CSS files.

Once the Server receives the request, it would know exactly what to do. And it would give the relevant files back to the client. And the client would then render the web page based on this Information received from the server.



















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