“Syncing” is a common term which you may have come across very often. Like syncing information or data across different devices or the cloud. Syncing in this context means having uniformity across different platforms. Let’s take an example, suppose we have some music stored in the cloud and we want that music in one of the devices. Now, in this case the cloud has some Information (music) and the device does not have that. Once we start the process of syncing, there will be a transfer of Information from the cloud to the device. And in the end you will find that the Information (music) in the cloud and the device are balanced ie. they are the same. Biology students might relate this to Osmosis. That is flow of molecules from higher concentration to lower concentration. In Computer Science, we have the concept of Synchronization in the field of Operating Systems.

In Operating Systems we have something known as Process synchronization. It is used when multiple processes try to access the same resource. Synchronization provides a way in which each process gets an equal opportunity to access that resource.



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