Have you had situations where your laptop runs terribly slow and wished that it had run faster?? Well, you don’t need to leave your wish remaining unfulfilled for too long since SSD’s have come into the market. They bring a radical transformation to the overall performance of a machine. Many users have experienced a tremendous improvement in the efficiency  and performance once they have switched over to SSD’s.

Now you might be thinking that all that is good but what exactly are SSD’s??black-297648_960_720

Well, SSD is an abbreviation for Solid State Drive. It is a solid state storage device. A solid state storage means that the Information can be stored and retrieved using electronic circuits and there are no mechanical moving components involved. It is non-volatile and hence the Information can be retrieved even after a power cycle.  It can be compared to other devices having non-volatile memory like the External Hard Drive.

Solid State Storage Devices have the following Advantages  over an External Hard Drive-

  • They are faster
  • Consume lesser power
  • No Vibrations
  • Resistant to physical shock
  • No heating Issues
  • Lighter

This technology is used in a wide variety of devices right from SD Cards and USB Flash Drives to large servers.

A Solid State Drive uses an IC Circuit as memory and the data is stored persistently. It has Electronic Interfaces which are compatible with the traditional Input Output Hard Disk Drive. They have Introduced new I/O Interfaces known as SATA Express which supports data transfer speeds upto 1969 MB/s.

You should not be surprised if a day comes when the default secondary storage for a Computer is a SSD and not an External Hard Drive!


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