Excel-Text Function

Most of us might have worked with Excel or some other spreadsheet software.  We might have used it for doing a variety of tasks. Now today, I am not going to brag about the features of Excel or any other Spreadsheet software for that matter. Probably, you all would be knowing what the pros and cons are!!

Recently I was working on a spreadsheet. It was about Mac Laptops and their specifications. And as you might be aware, the Operating Systems versions are in decimals. The Latest  OS X is “10.11” also known as ‘El Capitan’, named after a rock formation in Yosemite National Park, California. And after Apple releases a new version of an Operating System, they periodically release new updates.The version numbers would have two points. Apple recently released a new version of El Capitan, a couple of days ago, March 22nd to be precise. The Version Number was “10.11.4”  .

I was adding an entry for a laptop which had an OS X version of “10.10” also known as “Yosemite” which is again named from the Yosemite National Park in California. And as I was entering the number, I could only enter 10.1 and it wouldn’t allow me to enter 10.10 . I tried to find a solution by browsing the net. And I came up with a function called Text.

Text is a function which is used to convert a numeric value to a text. It can be also used to format numbers. Like adding more zeroes after a decimal place or adding symbols.

The formula goes something like this-

TEXT(Value, Format)

For Example-


would add a one in the second place resulting in 23.01

And I found a way to enter 10.10 . I wrote


and  it resulted in 10.10

I am listing some links where you could read more about the topic.






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