Many of us might have faced this problem, that once we start the WAMP server the tray icon fails to turn green and stays at red. This might be frustrating at times if we were planning to work on some particular project. Following are the steps which would resolve this issue-

  1. Left Click on the Icon and goto Apache->Service->Test Port 80 . If you find Microsoft- HTTPAPI/2.0 then the Apache Service is not working.  From your Windows Desktop, Goto Control Panel->System & Security->Admin Tools->Services. At this stage you might find a list of processes currently running in your computer. Search for all the SQL Server processes and stop them. Restart all services,by now the tray should have turned orange.
  2. Once it’s Orange, it means either Apache or MYSQL is not working. In order to check, left click on the Icon and goto Apache and then Service. Check whether Start/Resume Service is green or not. If it’s not green it means that the Apache Service is running.
  3. If MYSQL is not running goto the Task Manager and click on Services. Disable the MYSQL 56  process.
  4.  Restart the WAMP Server and voila the WAMP Server is Green and you are good to go!

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